Project Description

Sistem Online Manajemen Bank Sampah (Smash) is a web based application with purpose to support operational activity of Waste Bank around Indonesia. Smash customer is Waste Bank in Indonesia, which is an innovation program to make environtment more healthier by make people managing their own daily waste and save it to Waste Bank. Right now, there are thousand of Waste Bank all around Indonesia and Smash will make their daily operational more easier and integrate all their data for any application, and also provide the data for stakeholder in environmental problem. Smash help Waste Bank to manage their transaction like mini internet banking, record daily transaction of trash saving that converted as money. Smash also lets Waste Bank manage their daily operational more easily with Android application that can work in offline connection. Joining Smash is very easy for Waste Bank and for Basic Package its free of charge.

Project Detail

  • 28 March 2014